Amore Opera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to producing high-quality opera in intimate settings and cultivating the next generation of opera aficionados.


Amore Opera was founded by a group of singers and instrumentalists from the famed Amato Opera.

Move Out day at Amato - Day 1 of Amore Opera

Meet the leadership

Debbie Surdi


Former Executive Director at Opera Orchestra of New York, Debbie was also an integral member of Amato Opera. She has directed and sung in many shows at both Amore Opera and at Amato Opera. With a deep background in the classical music industry, she has navigated the company through the ever-changing classical scene in New York with her valuable business expertise.

Marlene Williams

Treasurer, Executive Producer

Already an accomplished actress and active in the New York theater scene before joining Amore, Marlene has ushered us through a period of rapid setup and expansion, employing her knowledge of finance and computer technology to help quickly establish Amore Opera as a major artistic force in the New York performing arts world. Further, she has been quite instrumental in advising and supervising the implementation of our box office systems. Marlene along the way has also successfully produced multiple productions, most recently Un Ballo Maschera.

Barbara Cohen


Barbara has played oboe for a lot of years (don’t ask). It is her love for the oboe that brought her to Amato and then us at Amore Opera, where she served as orchestra manager of the Amore Orchestra for 7+ seasons, in addition to being our secretary. If you've ever gotten that thank you note for your donation, that would most likely be from her!

Iris Karlin

Artistic Director

A native Israeli, Iris is an internationally acclaimed soprano, musician, and actress. She is praised for her rare combination of stage presence and musicianship from critics and conductors alike. All of which pales in comparison to the work she's done at Amore Opera where she served as a talent scout, casting director, assistant director, conductor for children productions, and in general, served as our president Nathan Hull's left arm. She was also our costume designer for several productions, notably putting together the bright palette costumes for our US premiere of Schikaneders' Das Labyrinth. Iris has a Master's degree from Haifa University, Israel. She also plays piano & Flute, teaches, conducts & composes.

Nathan Hull

Artistic Director, President (2009-2020)

The founding member of Amore Opera is the mastermind behind our professional yet intimate productions at Amore Opera. Nathan was the face of Amore Opera, but many do not know that he was a man who wore many hats; he personally oversaw/directed/produced any and all of our productions and projects. Nathan was our chief fundraiser and the driving force behind Amore Opera.

Under his leadership, this company over these last 11 years has slowly built a reputation for staging high-quality opera, and bringing long-lost works back to life with many US premieres, starting with Mercadante's I Due Figaro, and most recently with Meyerbeer's Dinorah.

Throughout his career, Nathan has directed shows for many companies including Amato Opera, Village Light Opera Group, and Actors Opera. Nathan has also directed and sung in most of the Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire and regularly lectures on opera and operetta. Nathan's adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - Scrooge & Gilbert & Sullivan has been performed by theater groups around the country, including Amore Opera. This classic tale set to the Gilbert & Sullivan canon has always sold-out at every performance at Amore and is fast becoming a holiday tradition.

Sadly Nathan passed away on August 10th 2020. He is deeply missed by the Amore Opera family, and we are determined to carry on his passion for opera.

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